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Complete Medical Wellness wanted an informative yet colorful flyer which educated its readers about the causes, symptoms, and treatments of Varicose Veins.

Flyers are very easy to ignore; one look at a flyer with an unappealing design and content, and the user throws it away without reading.  Ineffective flyers end up costing the business more than they are worth.

A well-designed flyer was developed for Complete Medical Wellness. Three things were considered when developing the flyer: (i) brightly colored design to catch attention, (ii) well-positioned, quality content to inform the client about Varicose Veins, and (iii) visible call to action. In addition to the information is provided, the flyer was printed on top quality paper and glazed for a long-lasting effect, which gave it a professional look.


  • Graphic Designing


The flyer looks great. I liked the design concept they used; the graphic grabs attention and the text does not look daunting. I want to read this flyer! I will definitely use their services for any future design needs.

Maria B