Project Description

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Complete Medical Wellness wanted a well-designed flyer to provide information about the symptoms, causes, and treatments of Neuro Spine Conditions.

It is easy to design an ineffective flyer; too much information, too many graphics, and careless use of fonts can make a flyer illegible.

We designed a flyer for Complete Medical Wellness with special attention to (i) a simple yet appealing design, (ii) intelligent use of colors to highlight important content, (iii) use of appropriate font and (iv) visible call to action. The flyer was printed on top quality paper and was coated with a glossy finish. It looked professional and appealing.


  • Graphic Designing


I found Magnus to be a company dedicated to their task. They look at every little detail until its perfect. They listened to all my ideas and incorporated them in a professional way. The flyer looks better than I imagined! I will recommend them.

Maria B