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Our client, Complete Medical Wellness Center, is a multi-specialty medical organization. Each medical specialty has multiple sub-categories of diseases and conditions. CMW required attractively designed flyers which provide useful information about the diseases and conditions, their causes, symptoms, and treatments.

Flyers provide useful information to patients about the condition/disease they have and the treatment options available to them. If the flyers aren’t legible and informative, the patient may feel unsatisfied and take his business elsewhere.

A set of well-designed flyers were developed for CMW; the flyers were attractive, legible, and printed on top of the quality paper. A good combination of graphics and content made the flyer easy to read.  A highlighted call to action was placed on the flyer. The colors were in sync with CMW’s company colors to present a cohesive brand outlook.


  • Graphic Designing


I hired Magnus to develop business cards for all employees of CMW; they did an excellent job, which prompted me to have them design my flyers as well. They have done high-quality work, as usual, the flyers look great!

Maria B