Internet addiction disorder is considered a behavioural addiction in which an individual gets dependent on internet usage and takes it as an adaptive way of dealing with life’s stresses. Here in this blog, we will share some interesting, insightful information about internet addiction, its types, causes, and treatment methods.



  • With the advancement of technology, one of the growing social problems is internet addiction disorder, affecting numerous lives causing psychological disorders, neurological complications, and social issues.
  • Different types of computer and internet addictions may include cybersex addiction, net compulsions, cyber (online) relationship addiction, and computer or gaming Addiction.
  • Medical science is still confused about internet addiction, whether it is considered a mental disorder or an interpretation of the pre-existing mental problem or behavioral issues.
  • Internet and computer addiction affect a person’s physical and mental health in an extremely adverse manner.
  • If you or your loved ones suffer from internet addiction, it is crucial to talk to a doctor today and get the treatment timely.

Our lives have become much more comfortable, as the internet makes information more accessible to everyone and helps make connections with different people worldwide. However, it adversely affects people who spend a lot of time on the internet, making it the center of their lives.

Do you play computer games on the internet in an overabundance? Is it accurate to say that you are compulsively shopping online? Are you unable to stop yourself from checking Instagram or Facebook? Is your excessive computer use interfering with your daily life – work, relationships, or school? If you marked yes to any of these inquiries, you might be experiencing Internet Addiction Disorder, also commonly referred to as Problematic Internet Use (PIU), Compulsive Internet Use (CIU), or iDisorder.


Is the Behavior That Parents Are Concerned Is Actually Addiction?

Typically, parents are worried about two things: a lot of time spent by their children on screens and the resistance they face by their kids to cut back on that screen time. As a result, getting them to put away their devices, come to supper, participate in different exercises, play outdoor games, or get their work done has become challenging for the parents.

Sometimes, children also utilize the word “addiction” to describe their own conduct too. In a Common Sense Media survey in 2016, half of the youngsters said they are addicted to their cell phones. In addition, 3/4 of them added that they felt constrained to react to messages, online media posts, and different notifications quickly.


What Are Different Types of Internet Addictions?

Internet or computer addiction is a broad term that covers numerous degrees and areas of internet usage, including personal computers, the internet, and mobile technology. Researchers have identified the following subcategories of particular types of internet addictions.


1. Cybersex Addiction

Excessive watching porn sites usually affect real-life relationships adversely. It includes adult websites, pornography, or sexual fantasy/adult chat rooms. An attraction with any of these services can badly affect the individual’s ability to make real-world relationships. So how can you get rid of cybersex addiction? Treatment options are available for this type of addiction, typically in the form of intervention followed by ongoing outpatient or inpatient.


2. Net Compulsions

Do net compulsions refer to the type of internet addiction? The answer is “yes,” as it is associated with interactive activities. Excess of time spent in online activities like gambling, trading of stocks, gaming, and even auctions usually leads to overspending and work problems.


3. Cyber (Online) Relationship Addiction

Extreme usage of social networking platforms for creating relationships instead of spending time with family or friends leads to neglecting real-life relations, which may ultimately destroy your real-life relationships. Such a person may have poor social skills and unrealistic expectations concerning in-person interactions. Therapy or counseling is

typically needed for treating this type of addiction and ensuring permanent behavioural changes.


4. Computer or Gaming Addiction

Computer or gaming addiction includes online or offline activities performed with the help of the computer. Researchers found that excessive computer game playing has become an issue in certain people. Computer addiction is the oldest form of internet/computer addiction, and it is still common and dangerous today.


Why Internet Addiction Is a Controversial Diagnosis?

Medical opinion is still confused about internet addiction, whether it is considered a mental disorder or an interpretation of the pre-existing mental problem or behavioral issues. Therefore, before coming to any conclusion, more research is required on this ‘chicken or the egg’ debate on internet addiction.


Effects of an Internet Addiction

If an individual is suffering from internet addiction, how does it affect that person? The answer is it attacks the person’s physical and mental health in a highly adverse manner. It leads to carpal tunnel syndrome, body aches, vision issues, and gain or loss of weight. Also, it affects a person emotionally, leading to anxiety, social isolation, depression, mood swings, and aggression.


Treating an Internet Addiction

Is there any specific treatment available for overcoming internet addiction? The answer is “no,” there is no particular treatment option available for internet addiction. Your doctor will suggest different types of treatment after analyzing the severity of your addiction. If you know any individual experiencing excessive internet abuse, you need to communicate your concerns with their behaviors. Therapy is generally considered the first-line treatment option. But if it cannot provide you with any relief, medications may be utilized to control symptoms of other underlying mental illnesses or intrusive thoughts about going online.


Getting Help for an Internet Addiction

Any addiction is a serious matter, and you need to get proper attention and treatment timely; otherwise, it will lead to future complications. If you or someone you know struggles with internet addiction, it is critical to talk to a treatment provider today.


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