When it comes to blogging, it is a misconception of many people that it is just putting your thoughts on the platform of your choice. But, it is more of a science than an art. People commit some deadly sins that can become an obstacle to the success of your blog. Here in this blog, we will share those mistakes and provide you an effective guideline for avoiding them.


  • Many successful businesses and brands use their blogs to increase conversions and traffic.
  • People commit some deadly sins while writing, which affects their blogging adversely.
  • You should not lose hope and remain patient. At least invest a year and keep writing quality content with consistency.
  • While choosing a specific topic for blog writing, analyze the reader’s expectations. One of the main reasons behind the success of blogging is your connection with the readers.
  • It is all right to get inspired by some prominent bloggers, but do not copy or steal other bloggers’ content.
  • Using the combination of the proven formulas will help you in meeting all the ultimate content goals.

Building a business blog and then maintaining it is not an easy task as it requires creativity, time, and, most importantly, a basic knowledge of search engine optimization. The most successful businesses and brands utilize their blogs to increase conversions and traffic. You can achieve a great deal of success with well-written blogs and their proper execution. Hence blogging works until you are not avoiding certain pitfalls that may negatively impact your audience.
In order to avoid some of the most common blogging mistakes, a list of some deadly blogging sins are mentioned below:

1. Lust (Expecting an Overnight Success)
It is easy to develop a feeling of lust for the achievements of those who have invested the energy and time to get to influencer status. A potential blogger’s agenda includes getting followers, a well-designed site, and brand partnerships for days. But do not expect overnight outcomes. You should remain patient and keep writing quality content with consistency. You need to invest a year in your blogging efforts and ensure that your blog is attractive for your audience and easy to find.

2. Irrelevant Content
One of the main reasons behind the success of blogging is your connection with the readers. It’s exquisite to place your heart into your content, but readers come to your blog to know about the products and services you are offering. They are not interested in your weekend activities or your opinion about the stake at the cafe down the street, so it is highly advisable to leave these topics out. It is recommended to stick to the topics related to your industry, niche or business and choose subjects on which you have a firm grip. You can also share the expertise and stories of other successful personalities.

3. Sloth
One of the most challenging tasks is to create a loyal readership, but you can achieve it through consistency. It will help if you create a publishing schedule in order to accomplish your reader’s expectations. Bad timing, ideas, or creative content can make you put blogging onto the back burner. Being consistent in the posting is crucial as it can effectively help improve your blog’s viewership. In contrast, regular posting can positively affect your search engine optimization efforts.

4. Envy
Several bloggers are efficiently trying their best over the same things and on the same platforms. In this case, maintaining your individuality and originality is a difficult task. You may face the consequences of copying or stealing the content of others. It is all right to get inspired by some prominent bloggers. Creating your own audience and place is an essential element to make your real contributions.

5. Not Using Proven Formulas
You cannot achieve success in blogging by just writing and publishing a post. Unfortunately, it’s not how it works. Successful blogging includes much more than this. It will help if you use proven content formulas in order to increase conversions and traffic. Some of the content types that work efficiently may include:

  • List-based content.
  • Comparison of content.
  • Infographics.
  • Expert roundup content.
  • Ultimate guides.

For attaining the best results, you should mix things up. Utilizing a combination of all the proven types of content that will help you in meeting the ultimate content goals would work best for you.

6. Creating Boring Content
Have you not started blogging yet because the products or services you are offering are not “exceptional” enough? But, if your product or service might be “boring”, it doesn’t mean your content has to be. Many brands succeed in the market by making informative, interesting, educational, and engaging content that may effectively attract and inspire your clients.
You can step up your content at any point regardless of the fact that your business blog is a newbie or you’ve been running it for a couple of years. It is the most effective approach to build authority and increase conversions and traffic.
Avoid the above-mentioned deadly sins, and you’ll experience extraordinary success from your business blog as time goes on.

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