Our expertise includes flash animation, JavaScript, database capabilities and e-commerce solutions. Feel free to view some of our healthcare IT projects that were developed for physicians, doctors,and medical practices.

Our highly experienced Healthcare Marketing Services team works closely with each client to understand their needs. We take pride in adding value through tailored solutions that support growing your business to the “Next level”. Our Strategic Medical Marketing Services represent areas of excellence that can work for you independently or collectively to reduce time to peak sales and increase market awareness.

The medical world requires technology to perform effectively hence, achieving success in the healthcare industry requires operating at a fast pace. Evolving regulations, advances in technology, the transition to value-based care, and growing consumerism are just a few of the many pressures pushing payers and providers to continually innovate and transform.The complexity of these initiatives, coupled with having to split your energy and focus on multiple goals and priorities, can make it difficult to bring the best-intentioned plans to fruition.

That’s why we’re here…. Our consultants are seasoned executives who previously spearheaded clinical, financial, and technology initiatives across the healthcare world.

Our goal is not only to help you keep pace in the industry, but also to anticipate upcoming changes that may impact your organization. Optimally, we help you strategize to stay ahead of the curve.

Magnus Med Web will help you…

  • Foster patient engagement and satisfaction with onsite and mobile experiences.
  • Help care teams work better, with each other and with patients.
  • Empower healthcare professionals to improve processes and care.
  • Enhance clinical and business operations and medical information sharing
  • Address cybersecurity, patient privacy, and regulatory requirements.
  • Make connections that speed time to market, from research to delivery.