When we talk about the contribution of social media in the healthcare world, we get to see that social media has played an enormous role in the field, and no one can deny it.  

Social media can promote your business, and although setting up social media platforms for your doctor Facebook page can appear complicated at first, you can follow this simple, step-by-step, guide to get a great Facebook page for your practice. 

Facebook is a platform that allows you to connect with your current patients, and even bring in new ones by targeting patients through Facebook posts with useful tips and insights into your practice.  

For practice owners, Facebook can be a great platform because a massive number of people are already Facebook users, and they use it regularly. 

Without much ado. Just follow these simple steps, and you will have your medical practice Facebook page up and running 

 Sign Up On FB

If you have a personal Facebook account, then you are ready to create a business page for your medical practice.  

In case you don’t, then you have to signup us first as a personal or business account, and then create a Facebook business page, which can then be connected to your account. 

For more clarifications go to Facebook.com and follow the instructions. 

Set Up A Business Page

After signing up, the next step is to create your business page as a “Local Business or Place.” It will show you some categories to choose from in the drop-down menu, and selecting a sub-category will make things easier for your followers to find you. 

Make sure to select the categories that best describe your practice so that if, for example, a patient is searching for chronic pain services in New Jersey, they can easily find you. 

Give A Name To Your Facebook Page 

You can now write and enter the name of your page, under the Category menu, and don’t forget that name should identify your practice.  

You have to be a bit more creative in case other pages with the same name exist on Facebook already. 

Facebook allows you 70 characters for the name, and once you reach 200 fans or likes, you would not be allowed to change it. 

It’s then required you to agree to the “Facebook Pages Terms” to get started. 

Set A Profile Picture 

Your display image should be either your practice’s logo, your photo, or your staff picture. This display image would appear with every post you publish on your page. 

Make sure you choose to display a picture within the recommended size, 180 by 180 pixels, otherwise a larger image will require you to make some adjustments to show the portion of the image you want to display. 

Give A Brief Description 

In “The about section,” you can provide a brief description of your practice. You can now proceed to enter your website address and mailing address.  

The description should tell your target audience about the services you provide and about yourself. Make sure that you use your keywords, so people can find your page easier, and complete all the necessary info to move on to the next step. 

Congratulations! You have your own Facebook business page now. 

Give Access To Admins And Staff Members 

You can give access to your Facebook business page by making someone an admin, or a staff member, limiting the access in case you want to keep the Manager role to yourself only. 

Remember that admin will have unrestricted access to the page’s inbox, to messages, publish content, run ads or campaign, and review the insights generated by the Facebook page.  

Review Your Permissions 

To review your permission settings, go to the admin panel, and click “Edit page”, then “Manage Permissions.” 

Here you can set how people can contact you. In addition to messages through your page, you can have patients contacting you by phone number or official email address.  

You can regularly monitor your page, obtain insight, and refine a Facebook strategy that can connect you to your patients more effectively. 

Facebook Page Header

Last step and you are ready to publish your post. Upload an image cover photo on the header of your business page.  

On the left side of your profile picture, you’ll find the commands to upload a cover photo. 

Make sure the image you select for the cover photo is 399 pixels minimum. While choosing a cover photo, remember that the cover photo can only contain 20% or less of text content. So design your cover photo in a way that it clearly displays your services to your target audience. 

Beware that a comprehensive content marketing strategy; if done right, should allow you to obtain higher results of conversion and better engage with your patients. 

Aha, you are done! Now you are ready to up your game on Facebook.  

If you need help with creating your medical practice Facebook page feel free to contact us today. Call us at  +18443242127 or visit us at www.magnusmedweb.com. 

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